Product design CAD drawing

Concept CAD Development

Once we have taken a detailed brief we can draw up CAD modelling that can not only show you what the plastic product will look like it will allow for shrinkages, surface finishes and required strength.

This provides the opportunity to review the product with the design team and customer to finely hone the detail of the product. Here we can make any changes and ensure it is absolutely fit for purpose before proceeding to the next stage of injection mould tool design.

Injection Mould Tooling

When developing a new injection moulding tool, initial design and review is the most critical process. You can iron out all the issues, specifications and tolerances to produce a high quality, long lasting and cost-effective tool.

We have a specialist in house design team comprising of technicians and toolmakers that can advise and develop designs.

Detailed analysis

Your business has access to the very latest machinery and experienced design engineers. This combination means your designs can be taken from a multiple array of file types and rapidly turned into prototypes or go directly into production.  

Specialist mould flow analysis will assess any potential issues. This process simulates the flow of liquid material in the mould creating colour maps of the different properties in the design. 

Everything from heating/cooling, injection pressure, air traps, stress, fibre orientation and much more is tested saving a huge deal of effort, time and cost further down the process.

Injection mould tool CAD drawing

Plastic moulded blue tubes

3D Prototyping

For most products 2D and 3D drawings are more than enough. There are occasions when, because of the requirements of the product or the risks involved, you may need to see a 100% accurate full-size representation of the final design. This would usually be done as a proof-of-concept failsafe or for product performance and safety testing. We can produce 3D printed prototypes that you can evaluate to make absolutely sure your component is ready for tooling manufacture.

There are many different ways to produce prototype parts. Fused deposition modelling (FDA) and stereolithography (SLA) are among the various types of 3D printed techniques. Dependant on design, parts can be CNC machined from solid blocks of material. Low cost aluminium tooling can be made to produce low-volume production runs for in the field trialling.

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