Oil and gas sector

Due to the perilous conditions in which activities in the oil and gas sector often take place, mechanical failure can have catastrophic consequences. It is essential for companies within the supply chain of the oil and gas industry to have access to reliable, high-quality products and equipment.

AC Plastics expertise and obsessive approach to quality means our components are equipped to withstand harsh environments time and time again. The variety of materials plastic injection moulding offers make it the perfect manufacturing technique to meet demands to perform in extreme temperatures, high wear and corrosive chemical conditions. It also allows for the development of applications specifically suited for the environment and operating conditions.

So, if you have a design or existing product for these industries and typical applications, please contact the team at AC Plastics, who can help in the product design, material choice, along with our tooling and moulding experiences.

AC Plastics can design and manufacture almost any type of plastic component or part required for any oil and gas project. Talk to our Engineering team today.

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