Electronics Sector

Injection Moulding For Electronic Industry

The ease of design, inert characteristics of plastic polymers, low cost, micro-tolerance characteristics and flexibility make plastic an ideal material to build housings, connectors, and switches. Devices such as meters, industrial testing equipment, sensors and many other products need components with precise tolerances and stability to meet the demands of the industry.

Therefore plastic is an ideal material for products in electronics. It can be conductive or non-conductive plastic resin. It can be combined with watertight seals, is UV resistant and can be used in rigid or flexible applications, in multiple colours, with design capabilities beyond metal and other materials.

Plastic is so easily designed and formed that it can lower assembly costs with the incorporation of snap together self-mating tabs that will interlock without additional clips, staples, screws or fasteners.

AC Plastics offer a complete design, toolmaking and plastic moulding service and has extensive experience in manufacturing a large range of components for the electronics industry. Talk to our team today.

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