Construction sector

AC Plastics has been a supplier to the building and construction industry since 1992.

Because of the flexibility of the plastic injection moulding process, we can help design and manufacture a huge range of components, suitable for a variety of different applications and equipment.

These include high-impact components used on machinery found on construction sites.

We produce components for a wide range of construction applications ranging from machine parts to underground pipework connectors and water control systems. We can produce high volume components from a range of engineering and commodity grade thermoplastic materials. Such as:

  • Pipes and guttering
  • Under and above ground water management systems
  • Windows and Doors
  • Cabling and Casing
  • Covers and casings for construction machinery
  • Construction machine cogs and internal components
  • Undersea cable solutions
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Tubs, Bins and Packaging

Benefits of moulded plastics in the construction industry

Wood and metal rot or corrode when exposed to the elements. Whereas plastic injection moulded components and products are durable, incredibly lightweight and will happily function for many years even when exposed to the elements.

Injection moulding allows for design and production of complex components that cannot be achieved with other materials. Thermoplastic components are also lighter than components made from other materials. This allows designers greater freedom when coming up with new products and means the boundaries of what is achievable can be expanded

AC Plastics can design and manufacture almost any type of plastic component or part required for any construction project. Talk to our Engineering team today.

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